Standard Preload
Standard Preload

We can preload presentations, product catalogues or any other promotional materials you desire. Whether it is to supply important data to your clients or just to reinforce your company message, preloading your custom USB Flash Drives with data is an excellent concept. A Flash Drive is purely a data storage device so we can preload any type of data.

IMPORTANT:  Please ensure that your preload has been thoroughly tested.  We do not test or validate the data in any way; we simple preload what we have received.    When a preload is received we will forward you a screenshot for your approval indicating the total number of files as well as the aggregate file size of your preload.  In addition, you will be sent a link that will allow you download a zipped document containing your entire preload; should you wish to review before being sent into production.



Standard Preload with Protection

Protect your preloaded data from accidental deletion with our partition service. We will divide your drive into two areas ("partitions") - one for your data, and one for your end user's files. Data preloaded in a separate partition cannot be erased even if the drive is formatted. When you insert the Flash Drive into your USB port, 2 drive icons will appear: one contains the preloaded content and the other partition acts as a standard removable flash drive (user area).



Custom Drive Icon and Label

Customize your USB Flash Drive's standard OS icon with your company imagery. Custom Icons makes a lasting visual impression whenever a user plugs in your USB Flash Drive. In addition, you may also provide a textual label, not to exceed 11 characters, that will be displayed along side your customized drive icon. The customized USB appears with this name when plugged into a computer: a small but noticeable touch. Note:  Drive icon must be provided in an ICO format with a pixel size of 48 x 48.  Drive label cannot exceed 11 characters.